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Self Desire April O Neil

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Self Desire April O Neil is that delectable babe with long brown hair featured in the episode called “Sofa”. April O Neil is not just your average babe for she is one of the horniest girls there you will ever get to see. The thing is, when you look at April O Neil, there is no way to know that the sweet young lady has that nympho in her. And what does she like to do when there is no cock to satisfy her craving? April O Neil strips naked on the leather sofa and whips out one of her favourite toys.

Self Desire Taylor Vixen

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Self Desire Taylor Vixen has that look of wanting in her eyes in every single frame of the episode “Dress Up Time”. With her beautiful and sharp facial features and her massive melons, it is a little hard to believe that Taylor Vixen would ever end up alone even for just a while. Well, in this video clip we get to witness how Taylor Vixen pleasures herself since there is no one around as she undresses. Her sensual touches and meaningful strokes is something that all men can learn from. It’s not all about rapid ramming guys. Sometimes girls like it slow and sensual too.

Self Desire Amanda Evans

Self Desire9

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Self Desire Amanda Evans shows us all the perks of living alone in the episode and photo set called “New Shower Head”. The sexy young blonde is living the life having an entire apartment all to herself. And today, she has a new upgrade for her home—a handheld shower head with adjustable settings. While others would just take a bath to try out the new item, Amanda Evans comes up with something naughty to do with it. Amanda Evans has so much fun with her new shower head, you can be she is soaking in more ways than one.

Self Desire Jayden Cole

Self Desire8

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Self Desire Jayden Cole stars in “Sexy Yoga”, a video clip that does the opposite of making you relax. Jayden Cole is a total hottie with a nice tight ass and beautiful tits. She goes outdoors bringing a book and a mat to do a little reading and relaxing under the sun. She does a few yoga poses and perhaps her loins feel a little stretched and warm too. Soon Jayden Cole is out of her clothes and reaching for the burning sensation in between her legs. If there are any neighbors watching, we hope they enjoy the show too.

Self Desire Ashlyn Rae

Self Desire7

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Self Desire Ashlyn Rae is the lovely brunette featured in “Stockings and Heels”. There is something about sheer nylons and high heels than make women look extra hot. Well Ashlyn Rae shows off her beautiful assets while longing by the pool in nothing but her stocking and heels. It seems this young lady has no worries about being caught or being watched by her next door neighbors or any perverted people who may be dropping in on her. In fact Ashlyn Rae may have been wanting for someone to actually come along and help her extinguish her intense inner fire.

Self Desire Victoria White

Self Desire6

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Self Desire Victoria White makes our temperatures rise in the episode called “Touching By The Pool”. Did we not tell you that this blonde hottie is a little bit of a nympho? Yes ladies and gents, Victoria White gets horny just about any time and every time. And time around she gets that itch in between her legs while she is outside by the pool. Now what else will Victoria White do about her insatiable thirst for cock when no one else is around? Victoria White takes matters into her own hands and shows us how she wants it done.

Self Desire Shyla Jennings

Self Desire5

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Self Desire Shyla Jennings stars in the steamy episode called “New Toy for Shyla”. Shyla Jennings has a fondness for toys and a new one just came in for our favourite brunette hottie. This time around her toy is a big vibrator and she decides to test it out right away. Shyla Jennings settles down on the day bed, takes off her clothes and gets her new toy running. Shyla Jennings opens her mouth and closes her eyes as she moans in pleasure until she gets her pussy throbbing in orgasm. She is panting and her face is flushed but Shyla Jennings does it again.

Self Desire Amanda Evans

Self Desire4

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Self Desire Amanda Evans is the all natural blonde hottie who enjoys her moments alone. Don’t get her wrong, Amanda Evans likes having thing man meat around but she is not the type to mope around when there is none within her reach. While she is lounging along in her room, Amanda Evans gets overcome with that familiar burning passion in her cute cunt. With a few strokes on her sexy body, Amanda Evans is fired up and soaking wet. Amanda Evans does it all by herself and she does it oh too well. Amanda Evans is delicious, as always.

Self Desire Paris Love

Self Desire3

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Self Desire Paris Love is the eighteen year old hottie who stars in “After School Teasing”. Paris Love has that cute adorable face which contradicts her smoking hot body. She walks indoors in with her hair fixed in pigtails and wearing her school uniform composed of a white blouse and a very skimpy plaid skirt. Paris Love fulfils every school girl fantasy as she relaxes in the kitchen and in different parts of the house right after school. And by relax we mean she frees herself from clothing and lets her fingers do the walking. Paris Love pushes all her hot buttons and ours too!

Self Desire Victoria White

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Self Desire Victoria White is the blonde bombshell featured in “Business Time”. While Victoria White may seem like a strict business woman or boss, she actually has a penchant for mixing business with pleasure. In this case Victoria White feels so horny while on a business trip. She heads to her hotel room and sheds her clothes except for her sexy black and white stripe bustier and black and lace nylons. And what does she have right there, a glass toy? Told you Victoria White is one naughty lady and it looks like she will not stop until she cums.